Swacham Cleaning Service

Established in 2010, Swacham Cleaning Services – today is recognized as a reputed housekeeping and cleaning service provider. With a humble beginning of 3 dedicated employees, Today Swacham is the biggest service provider in the housekeeping, cleaning and maintenance sector in the twin districts of Udupi and Dakshina Kannada. The dedicated team of over 100+ employees service hundreds of locations across the district, working through 2 dedicated offices and many more site representatives. We can deploy anyone, anywhere.

Our janitorial services are made to cater to the commercial sector across corporate and business establishments, whereas our professional cleaning services are currently offered to both homes and offices in Udupi, Manipal and Managalore

Swacham’s operating systems provide a comprehensive set of operating procedures, which follow ‘best practice’ industry standards for a modern cleaning and property services company.

The system includes comprehensive training programmes, use of technologically advanced equipment, environmentally responsible chemicals, health, safety, security as well as formal quality assurance programmes which promote a high contract retention rate.

Now have your showers, tiled walls, toilets, vanity and sink, floors, carpets, rugs, cleaned and disinfected. Baseboards wiped or dusted. Trash removed and trash cans sanitized. Mirrors and wall fixtures cleaned and shine as new as they could get. Cobwebs removed. We at Swacham do it all!


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  • Giving Customers a good and fair deal – with zero compromise on quality
  • Looking for ways to make it easier to do business with us.
  • Taking feedback from our customers and executing necessary changes
  • Fast and simple operations and valuing each other’s time
  • Making profits to survive and grow.
  • Investing in training programmes and modern equipment and looking after holistic growth of our staff and employees
  • Doing our best to help in our Prime Minister, Narendra Modi’s goal of building ‘Swach Bharath’

Our Vision

“We are going to be the India’s greatest service organization”

Today Swacham Cleaning Services is a startup company with 100+ employees and to succeed we all need to know who we are, where we are going and why. Our vision to grow does not change our strategy but does raise the bar for the organization and broadens the ambitions of the company as we continue to do things ‘The Swacham Way’.