Floor Scrubbing

The traditional mop used for cleaning is not effective and instead of removing the dirt it only spreads the dirt in other adjacent areas. The floor dries down but the dirt and the residue again stick to the floor, the only difference being that the dirt has spread out more this time as it becomes more diluted.

Floor scrubbing machines provide the ultimate solution to all cleaning problems. The sprayer fitted on the floor scrubbing machine uses water and chemical solutions to spray on the floor in order to dislodge the dirt, grease and grime. The scrubber works on the floor removing the dirt and providing a perfect shine. A squeegee vacuum ensures that all the used water is sucked, leaving the surface fully clean and dry.

Floor Mopping

Maintaining our floors is polish-free, greatly reducing both chemical and water usage (making it more environment friendly) compared to traditional maintenance routines Avoid dragging or sliding heavy items like furniture across the floor. Place felt pads on furniture legs that are touching the floor. Mop up spills as soon as possible to prevent stains.