Swacham Cleaning Service professionally cleans theatre screens, drapes, sound folds, masking’s, seats, and vents from coast to coast. Whether cleaning large multiplexes or small cinemas, we treat every theatre like it was our own. We don’t just clean theatres we detail them with expertise. We are a professional team of skilled technicians that serve the motion picture industry.

Swacham Cleaning Service understands the need for fantastic customer service and that first impressions count – even more so when you are in the business of ‘entertaining people’. Simply Cleaning understand that your state of the art cinema and multiplex site as a leisure and entertainment facility has high traffic areas; such as front of house, walkways, cinema theatres, public toilets and food retailing areas.

Swacham Cleaning Service will provide a comprehensive cleaning specification which is delivered to auditoriums, foyers and washrooms, back of house areas, offices and projection rooms. Periodic works including carpet and seat cleaning, hard floor polish works, window and high level cleaning are also provided. Mobile teams provide rapid response for any unexpected or emergency incidents.